coaching wordpress design


Coaching wordpress design

Tréning-tér asked me to refresh their website design. The new website was built with the Avada builder and was launched in June 2020.

Please feel free to contact me to get a well-converting coaching website.

People were already curious about their future, their destiny. Two thousand years ago when they approached the dolphin fortune teller, who replied, “Know yourself and you will know your destiny because your destiny is yourself!” But what do we mean by self-knowledge? And how can I get to know myself? And why should I get to know myself at all? Why isn’t what I know about myself enough?

It’s enough — at least we don’t feel the lack of it — until an event happens in our lives that we can’t do anything about, a jam that we can’t go through that hinders our happiness. Be it work, money, a relationship, family, or health. This stall is an opportunity to embark on the path of self-knowledge and embark on this journey of discovery where we can confront our feelings, thoughts, desires, and fears, and learn about the inner forces that guide us, our true motivations. And if we get close to ourselves, our own selves, we look at the tasks and difficulties in our way differently. We can live in the moment, the only reality. Because neither the past nor the future exists.