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Atlanta Radar

Concrete plant reconstruction

Atlanta Radar asked me to rework their old website design. The new website was created with the Avada theme and was launched in May 2021.

Please contact me if you need a well-converting concrete plant website.

Atlanta Radar is a leading manufacturer of continuous-level radar and laser sensors that are used in the construction materials industry.

Missile lock truck spotter

The Missile Lock © Truck Spotter works by using 3 radar sensors to correctly align the concrete truck or cement tanker truck in the correct position. Three sensors are placed to align the truck by giving the drive or the truck the proper feedback using plant-mounted lights. Sensor 1 is the coarse position sensor, providing the driver with a distance from the plant structure. Sensor 2 is used to provide the driver with the precise position of the truck chute as placed under the plant. I sensor 2 is at an absolute minimum, the truck is properly aligned.