Plastic surgeon web design

Dr. Eric Auclair

Plastic surgeon web design

Dr. Auclair asked me to redesign his outdated website. The new site built with a customized Avada WordPress theme and was launched in April 2017.

Please feel free to contact me to get a well-converting website.

There is a tremendous demand for information in the field of cosmetic surgery given the interest that this surgical specialty creates across generations. Dr. Aulair created his site to respond to the questions that you ask yourself, and explain the customized surgical techniques; cosmetic, surgical, and medicinal treatments; and cosmetic medicinal treatments that I practice, on a case-to-case basis. They characterize a rational and well-reasoned form of cosmetic surgery that I am a pioneer in and one of the leaders in.

In 25 years of laborI even have developed several original techniques that I even have described on this site. Each of them plans to achieve results that are as natural as possible. I don’t aim for very spectacular effects that might give a sign of surgery, nor do I attempt to create stereotypical beauties. My approach aims to perfect the looks while respecting the attribute that brings charm to the face and adds to the personality of an individual.