jewelry website design

Jewellery website design

Maison des Tresors

Maison des Trésors needed an E-commerce WordPress website to sell used fine jewelry. As Avada WordPress theme works fine with Woocommerce the choice was obvious.  The site was launched in October 2018. Jewelry website design.

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Some styles are classic and stay around for many years, others just last a year or less. Antique jewelry is within a completely different dimension as its highly collectible. Maison des Tresors is the ideal market. It helps you to sell your jewelry in your best interest. It is a friendly place for people sharing their past fine jewelry and hoping to seek out their next favorite gem. Jewelry website design.

Remake your jewelry in three easy steps. Instead of leaving heirloom jewelry to cover during a jewelry box, you’ll take your pieces to us and have them remodeled. There are many ways to bring new life to old jewelry, and that we can help make it happen. You’ll modernize an old setting or create a replacement one. You’ll take a component or two of the old piece and freshen it up during a new piece. You’ll mix elements of various pieces and are available up with an entirely new design. Achieving this transformation from old to new may be a joyful challenge for us.

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