Luxury cat sofa website


Luxury cat sofa website design

Felineva needed a top to toe revamp of their WordPress website. The new websites were built with Hector WordPress theme and were launched in October 2016.

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Felineva. Unique handmade luxury cat sofa from FelinEva “We fall in love cats . You take cats seriously. He dare to dream. I dare to create. We take furnitures luxuriously. Small crew of sister and brother. Time-honoured brand. Classical elegancy. Comprehensive pampering for magnificent CATS.” The high walled sofa provides a draft free habitat for pets, combined with a coffee cushion height to assist older animals getting into and out.

These items are handcrafted antique style replica. Color fading, small scartches, flaking, antique traces, bumps and other antique style features are a part of the article and make each bit of furniture unique. You are buying a product from the Felineva brand. However, simply because you are a pet owner doesn’t suggest you cannot maintain and luxuriate in a trendy sofa and chairs in your home.

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