medical website design


Medical website design

Melanomart asked me to refresh their website design. The new website was built with WordPress Avada builder and was launched in September 2020.

Please feel free to contact me to get a well-converting medical website.

Welcome to my website, I am Dr. Zsuzsanna Fejős, a dermatologist, cosmetologist, and clinical oncologist. My main professional profile is the diagnosis, treatment, and care of melanoma and other skin tumors. I have been working as a practicing dermatologist and cosmetologist for 25 years and as an onco-dermatologist for more than 20 years, the latter being the discipline for good and malignant skin tumors.

I confess that lasting healing and health can be improved by a wide range of enlightening, health education work, in which the patient must be involved, taught to know his own body and soul because He can do the most for himself.

During the digital video-dermatoscopic (computer) birthmark examination in my office, I teach my patients what symptoms and changes to look for and when to see a specialist. During the meeting, we will also discuss in detail the necessary steps of home self-examination.

I look forward to taking the first step together in my office to stay healthy.

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